Choosing and Prepping Flat Lay Bread Photography for Printing

I think that one of the greatest joys of a photographer can be physically sharing their work with others. That being said, deciding what to print and how to print it and how to prep it can be a daunting task. Below are a few steps I took in printing my flat lay bread photography.

Flat Lay Bread Photography
Working with flat lay bread photography is one of my favorites. I love to bake bread, I love to photograph bread, I love to eat bread. Flat lay bread photography begins well before you take the photo. Notice I call this flat lay bread photography but there are lots of other things here besides the bread! Think of the bread as your main character and the other pieces like the knife, herbs, shaker, and meat as your supporting characters. It is boring without them!
Flat Lay Bread Photography
When deciding to print there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that it can take some trial and error. Things don’t typically print how they look on screen so know that you may want a test print or to ask your printer for tips. Some things to keep in mind might be over sharpening, over lightening, adding a little extra contrast, and checking your colors.

Want to learn more about flat lay photography? Check out this link here!

Happy printing!