Sometimes it is in the most ordinary spots that we can take the most extraordinary shot.

I often find myself walking down the street looking for photo opportunities. My photographer brain often says “that’s a cool backdrop” or “I like that environment for XYZ photo”. I often find lovely shots this way, but what if I a missing the cooler, better shot. These photos were a challenge to make the ordinary extraordinary; extraordinary meaning way more freaking cool than you would have thought.

Extraordinary Shots

I love looking for extraordinary shots in the ordinary. Sometimes, I can feel a little stuck as a photographer. If you don’t have the chance to do something creative, it can feel like you are just going in circles. Giving yourself little challenges to make yourself grow as a photographer and use your creativity can be just the thing to keep things fun! It is a great way to challenge yourself to be a better photographer than you were the day before!

Below are the set up shots!

Just remember! An extraordinary shot can come from an ordinary anywhere! You just have to be a little bit creative! If you want to learn more about extraordinary shots, check out this article from Douglas Phan!

Want to work on your creative photography even more? Check out my post on Faking a Black Background!

Here’s to becoming the best photographers we can be!