When deciding what movie poster to use, I took a lot of time to try and decide which movie I wanted to take inspiration from. After looking at a variety of poster options, I decided to choose to take my inspiration from a movie with a dog as an important character. If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with food, photography, and my dog. My dog is obsessed with me and food but couldn’t care less about photography. This includes being a model. Although, she does seem to support editing because she likes to sit at my feet.

After choosing The Courage of Lassie with Elizabeth Taylor for my inspiration, I set to work setting the seen. I pulled out and older fashioned blue dress that I had used in a pioneer reenactment. Although it wasn’t the most perfect dress it worked pretty well and I was a little excited that I still fit in it. The next trip was bribing Raya. I had to use many, many carrots to try to get her to model with me. And yes, carrots are her favorite treat. The vet says she is fine just weird.

What originally started as a self portrait turned into me setting everything up and my husband pressing the button. I greatly underestimated how hard it would be to convince Raya to model for me.

When we finished taking photos (because the model ran off and refused to cooperate), I was left with an SD card fully of blurry, moving dog. It soo some editing to try to make it look even remotely normal.

In the end I was able to edit the poster to look as it does below. If I were to repeat this I would change 2 things. 1, I wouldn’t try to get my dog to model. 2, I would work on making the edit look more vintage like the original.