Meet Noelle Bertuccini!

Noelle loves all types of photography but loves it most when it is challenging. She really got her fascination and passion for photography her senior year of high school and has been shooting ever since. She then took these passions to Brigham Young University – Idaho where she studied visual communications, mostly photography.

When Noelle doesn’t have a camera in her hand, she either has a book, whisk,  paint brush, sewing needle or chew toy in her hand. Or she is out in nature, but she still probably has a camera in her hand.

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Photographer / Designer / Writer / Adventurer / Wife / Sister / Daughter / Dog Lover

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Finding the Extraordinary Shot in the Ordinary

Sometimes it is in the most ordinary spots that we can take the most extraordinary shot. I often find myself walking down the street looking for photo opportunities. My photographer brain often says "that's a cool backdrop" or "I like that environment for XYZ photo"....